It gives the mixture cohesion and plasticity, rendering it easier to mold and making it strong enough to keep the shape of the pattern after it is removed and while the molten material is poured into the mold.


It is used in ceramic slips and glazes. It increases slip plasticity and mechanical strength, and improves edge and flat surface finish.

Civil Ingineering

It is used in expansion walls, grouting, irrigation dam and pond waterfproofing, and in the construction of tunnels.

Industrial safety - Grounding systems

In the ground, it can absorb the moisture in the surrounding soil, and this is the main reason for using it, as this feature helps stabilize electrode impedance throughout the year.

Animal feed

If added to the feed during its production stage, its ability to trap toxic particles gives the product antimicrobial characteristics that improve the digestive process.

Household use

Absorbent industry, pet bedding, and desiccants.


Traditionally, it has been most commonly used to treat sodic soils and to improve soil structure stability.

Filter media

Its high specific surface and porosity make it suitable for the absorption of oil, chemical substances, and lubricant spills, and also to turn liquids into dry powders, rendering them easier to handle.

Floor and wall tiles

Our floor and wall tiles are available through Estilo Sur Revestimientos.