Minera José Cholino e Hijos SRL

Main Activities

Prospection, extraction, processing and commercialization of industrial minerals such as:

  • Bentonite used in mining and oil drilling, foundry industries, detergents, industrial and domestic absorbents, waterproofing, animal feed, etc.
  • Gypsum, diatomite.
  • Application stones such as flagstone.
  • Development of products from these minerals.

The company mission

The Company’s mission is the prospection, production and commercialization of industrial minerals as high quality processed minerals. In this context the company plays a decisive role in the economic and productive cycle that ranges from raw minerals through materials to manufactured products, adding value to the mineral resources.

It is the Company’s mission, then, to be part of the industrial sector in a frame of continuous improvement and development, not only in Argentina but also in any other country in which the company can compete effectively.

Thus Minera José Cholino e Hijos S.A. helps the growth of the Gross Product in the Patagonian Region and improves living conditions in the area by providing jobs and having a beneficial economic impact on the community.

Minera Cholino - trabajo en yacimiento

Ethics and Business Conduct

The Company policy is to respect and ensure respect to for the ethical principles in the area of business and industry, and to fulfill the responsibilities stated by National and Provincial Laws in relation with the society and the environment.

The Company leadership is totally identified with the Company’s corporate image, principles and aims, and adheres to them with loyalty and dedication.

The leadership’s priority is to implement these norms following the principle of “practicing what you preach”. Employees are required to show the same degree of integrity and commitment to work, loyalty to the Company’s policies, and dignified behavior.

Legal Information

Minera José Cholino e Hijos S.A. is a family business, legally incorporated under the laws of Argentina on September 21st 1984, as recorded in Book N° 164, Folio number 1 year 1984, Court Nº 5, General Roca, Province of Río Negro.

Registration in National and Provincial Entities

  • Mining Head Office of the Provincia of La Pampa (Dirección de minas de la provincia de La Pampa): number 179.
  • Argentine Mining Investment Law N° 24196: number 80.
  • CUIT (Tax ID): 30-61047293-8.
  • Mining Head Office of the Province of Río Negro(Dirección de minas de la provincia de Rio Negro): number 006.
  • National Mining Producer (Productor minero Nacional): number 5483.
  • Mining Promotion Law (Ley de Promoción Minera): number 1433.
  • Multilateral Agreement (Convenio Multilateral): 916-5900091-1.

Company Policy

In the first place, the Company seeks successful survival by means of integration to the context in which it is immersed. To achieve its goal, it makes continuous efforts in order to meet the internal and external necessities, be them current or potential. It strives to be innovative and also to be a referent in this branch of the mining industry, and to manage business in such a way that the society see it as an institution.

Sales Philosophy

The company focuses its efforts on satisfying the needs of its clients and on getting a clear idea of what they think about the company’s products and services, with quality as the essense of all its operations, as well as the following principles:

  • Preponderance: The company works hard to lead those markets where it decides to compete, offering products that guarantee the best possible solution.
  • Innovation: Constantly looking for solutions for its clients, the company’s goal is to be in the vanguard of innovation in the mineral products market.
  • Value: With the aim of giving its clients the best possible benefit when they buy its products, the company strives to optimize its operations, minimizing the costs of non quality in order to offer the best products at competitive prices.

IRAM - ISO 9001:2000 Quality Managment System